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We are Matt and Rebekah Cook, and we are blessed with five children: Emily, Michael, Chelsea, Elijah, and Noah.  We both accepted Christ when we were young and were both raised as pastors' kids.  I accepted Christ at the age of 4 when I came to the point of realizing that my sin would take me to Hell and my only option to change that course was to accept the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Rebekah’s story was very similar in that she was saved at a similar age. Her parents had shared with her about Christ’s death and resurrection for our sin and that Hell awaited those who did not place complete faith in him. We met in 2001 at Mid-Valley Baptist Church in Corvallis, Oregon where her dad was pastoring when our churches merged. We were married in 2005 about 4 months after my return from Iraq with the U.S. Army.  Our spiritual life really began to mature after we were married.  As our relationship with God deepened, we witnessed His working in our life and experienced the sweetness of submitting to the Lord.  Therefore, the spring of 2014 was just another stepping stone as we surrendered to God's call to become missionaries.

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